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SNES Display Boxes, Link Bobble Head, Complete and Sealed NES Games

The bulk of today’s auctions are NES games both complete and sealed. My current NES collection is %90 loose because I’m mainly after the games alone. Still, having the original boxes is a unique kind of cool. Just reading the boxes that are made to get you to want to play the game and buy it are a blast to look through. The first auction for today is a lot of 18 boxes games…

Boxed NES Games Lot – All boxes are in fair to rough condition but the titles here are awesome! Not only do you get Castlevania 1 – 3 and Final Fantasy but also included is Dragon Warrior I – IV and they are complete! (Well, mostly… Dragon Warrior I is missing the manual). Six days left on the auction and bids are already getting close to the buy it now price. I get the feeling this auction wont close on a bid but rather a buy.

If you’re looking for a step above boxed games to add to your NES collection, here is a nice selection of sealed games. You can see by the current bids for many of them that the final bids will be quite high. Imagine the value of a complete library of NES games sealed! Insanity…

Final Fantasy

The Jetsons: Cogswell’s Caper

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Bubble Bobble

Mega Man 3

Ghostbusters II

Super Mario Bros Movie T-Shirt – Here’s something I would like to have as a joke. Wear this to a gaming convention to be a nerd amongst nerds! (Power to the nerds by the way)

Link Gamecube Bobble Head – Surprisingly poor in quality as far as the paint job goes, this bobble head can be hard to find. There’s another one up for auction that is still in it’s original plastic which has a starting bid close to the current bid of the previous bobble head: Link Gamecube Bobble Head in Original Plastic

SNES Display Boxes – This is a set of SNES story display boxes. There’s a box for Earthbound, Super Mario World, Super Mario RPG, Yoshi’s Island, and Super Mariokart.

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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