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Some of the Rarest Games In the World

The auctions listed here today are quite expensive. They are mostly for the serious collectors who are trying to complete their game libraries. That’s not to say there aren’t any good deals here; there are a few possible steals. You have to keep in mind how the value of a rare game can change greatly with condition, and of course if the manual and box are included (or even better, if it’s sealed).

James Buster Douglas Knockout Knock Out Boxing (SMS) – This is possibly the rarest game for the Sega Master System. The price is about equal with it’s value.

Bomberman 64 The Second Attack – The rarest game for the N64 and it’s sealed! N64 games often don’t attract much attention, but this is still cool for any Nintendo fan. The price is a bit too high.

Ultima III Exodus (C64) – Complete with the original box and everything else… this is a rare copy from the Ultima series.

Stadium Mud Buggies (Loose with Manual) – This is one of the rarest Intellivision games. I have a feeling that the seller either doesn’t know it’s value, or trusts the bids to climb. Even in it’s current condition and missing the box, it’s worth more than $100.

Stadium Mud Buggies (Complete) – The same game as mentioned above but in far better condition and the original box is included. Still, the seller’s price is too high. Make an offer of maybe $500… then if you’re turned down, counter with $620 and draw the line.

Congo Bongo – Another of the rarest Intellivision games out there and it’s being sold by the same seller as the Stadium Mud Buggies above. I suggest a similar buying tactic if you’re willing to go for it.

Commodore 64 GS – This is actually worth a fair amount more than the buy it now price if anyone is willing to invest. The condition of the box is unfortunate, but this is very rare. Do a bit of research and decide if it’s worth the money. It’s a serious buy.

Here are a couple rare soundtracks to add to the mix…

The Bioshock EP – This is a strange soundtrack. It’s actually three songs mixed by Moby and Oscar the Punk. It sounds great and has become fairly rare. This one is factory sealed.

Estpolis II (Lufia II) 2 CD Soundtrack – Here’s a rare variation of the Lufia II soundtrack. It’s factory sealed too.

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