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Sonic Twin Bed Sheets, Dark Void Statue, Bubble Bath Babes Panesian

Here’s a nice mix of auctions. First up is this nice Dark Void Statue. Dark Void is an action adventure game by Capcom which had releases on the 360, PS3 and even the PC. It’s reviews were on a 50/50 basis; some people liked the game, others didn’t. I enjoyed this game enough to consider buying this awesome Dark Void Statue that’s up for auction.

SOTA  toys has been making some real awesome stuff in the past years, and they put as much detail into their video game line as they do with all their other products. This Dark Void statue is number 788 out of 1000 made. The auction’s only at $0.99 with no bids! The thing even lights up!!

Dark Void Statue Auction here

The seller also has a cute Street Fighter IV Chun Li statue that is limited to 700 pieces(it’s #253). Only one bid at $0.99!

Chun Li Statue Auction here

Other Video Game Auctions:

Original Nintendo UFORCE Power Field Controller – Brand new never used
Near Complete Collection of Nintendo Power
Nintendo Super Time SNES Digital Clock Keychain
Worst Mario Game Ever Made

Sonic The Hedgehog Vintage Twin Size Bed Sheet
No Magnet is worth $90
Sega Saturn Mega Man 8
Sega Saturn Mega Man X4

Power Blade 2 “Complete”
Bubble Bath Babes Panesian Cart Only – No reserve. There’s already 7 different bids. That’s a lot of perverts for one auction 😆

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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