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I haven’t searched for Sonic the Hedgehog items for a while and found a bunch of goodies on eBay. I excluded the Anniversary game packs since everyone’s seen them before. But the items I found are somewhat new for casual Sonic searchers.

eBay seller pattitony84 is selling a wide variety of Sonic the Hedgehog collectibles such as toys, clothing, and promotional items. The two auctions that caught my eye are the Clock and Sega World Figures. I don’t see the Alarm Clock too often and the one that’s up is sealed. The Sega World Promotional Figures are also uncommon and from around 93-94. I’m not entirely sure where you could have received this, but one review on Youtube says these figures originate from Sega World London. Can anyone confirm this? These figures are official, but oddly enough the only figure that has the Sega copyright is the Metal Sonic. Auctions below:

Sega World Promotional Figures
1991 Sonic the Hedgehog Alarm Clock

Other Sonic Auctions:
Men’s Sonic Robe Brand New
1996 Sonic Coffee Mug Still in Box
Sonic & Tails Umbrella
Sonic the Hedgehog Tails Dr Eggman Knuckles Glasses

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