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Good afternoon VGA readers. I’ve got a nice line up of auctions to show you. I won’t be commentating today but I will talk about the Final Fantasy Book of Ultema which is probably one of the rarest Squaresoft Final Fantasy items made. This is so rare I don’t even have much info on it. I do know the ONLY time I’ve seen it was in a Japanese collector’s collection of Final Fantasy VI items. The site was in Japanese and I’ve lost the link but the collector had all of the Final Fantasy VI collectibles, and he put this, the Book of Ultema on the top of his list for rarest in his collection. Why did he put it as the rarest? If you look at the cover it says “Awarded to”, so was it a token handed down to an employee as an award? Did it only belong to the developers of Final Fantasy VI? I have only seen two ever, one in a collection and one now on eBay. I’ll be honest, I think it is worth MUCH more then the price it’s listed. At close to $400 you might think it’s over-priced, but I’m saying if FF VI collector’s really knew how rare this is they’d buy it in a heart beat. I am almost so tempted to buy this, but there just isn’t enough info on it. I practically know just as much as the auction shows, not much more. If anyone knows more please post info on it. The link is at the bottom.

Video Game Auctions:

Shadow of the Colossus Statue Kotobukiya

Castlevania Symphony of the Night Tiger Hand Held

MINT 3-D! Super Mario Bros 3 Promotional Brochure Store

Sonic hedgehog 20th anniversary Crystal Cube

Sonic Spinner Redemption Arcade Game by Sega

Sega Sonic Nights into Dreams Ufo Catcher Plush

Sonic Hedgehog Sega Knuckles Dark Legion 1 page 16 art

Sonic The Hedgehog Compilation SEGA Mega Drive Game SIGNED BY YUJI NAKA

Sonic Adventure Miles Tails Prower Plush 1998 SEGA

Final Fantasy VII World Map Double Sided

Final Fantasy Book of Ultema Binder Notebook

Halo: Red vs Blue Special Preview Promo Disc Signed

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