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Sonic the Hedgehog Animated Series Cels, Jumbo Pikachu Plush, and More

First up for today is one of those giant plush prizes you see behind the counter at those skill testing games at theme parks or fairs. I’ve never won any of the biggest prizes before but I’ve never seen a prize as big as this one…

Pokemon Pikachu Jumbo Plush – It stands about five feet tall but doesn’t look too heavy. Shipping is free within the states but pricey international.

Super Mario Bros Super Show Animation Cel – King Koopa – A nice animation cel from the Super Mario Bros catroon series.

Darkstalkers Animation Cel – Felicia – This cel is from the Darkstalkers animated series. I actually forgot that cartoon existed until I came across this auction. lol

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Banner – The banner style poster is 30″x10″ and was available at Wondercon 2012. The seller has more than a few left.

Earthworm Jim Sealed and Signed Figure – The pack has not only been signed by Doug TenNapel but there’s also a sketch in there as well.

Squaresoft FFIX and The Bouncer Standee – Pretty cool standee that has a double display. Depending on the angle, the face shows a promo for Final Fantasy IX or The Bouncer.

Silent Hill T-Shirt – This was a promo for the movie.

SDCC 2012 Sonic Boom Keychain – A pewter keychain of a chao from the Sonic series.

Devil May Cry HD Collection Banner – This poster is the same size as the Resident Evil one above. I still haven’t picked up this HD collection… Never really gave these games a proper chance.

Loaded Comic – One of my favorite violent Playstation games. Didn’t know about the comic back then.

Final Fantasy VIII Figures – There are two figures included in this auction (Siren & Ifrite). Not a bad price.

Sonic the Hedgehog Animation Cel Collection – This auction is for a set of 7 cels from the Sonic cartoon. The drawings are attached to the cels and it sounds like they can’t be safely removed.

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  • Alex
    Nov 04, 2012

    Judging from that ghetto-ass Mario knockoff in the background, I wouldn’t expect that Pikachu to be an official product.

  • Riku
    Nov 04, 2012

    Tru dat

  • Dkrisor
    Nov 26, 2012

    The Pikachu has the hangtag Scherlock, it is legit.

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