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Sonic the Hedgehog Comic No. 0, Diddy Kong Racing Figures, and more

Today you’ll find some video game comics, some nice vintage arcade merchandise, and a few sealed figures. Prices aren’t bad on most of these auctions. Many of them are starting around the $10 range in fact. The first auction however is a bit more serious…

Sonic the Hedgehog Comic No. 0 – From the Archie comics adventure series printed in 1993. This series is ongoing but this issue zero is the true first issue. Most comic databases lists begin with #1.

Temple Run Boxers in Tin – Never opened.

God of War Kratos Blade of Chaos Replica

Pokemon Gumball Dispenser – Cool table top item for Pokemon gamers.

Disney’s Coaster DOS Game Slide – Coaster was a roller coaster building game by Disney. This auction is for a slide showing a screen shot from the game. Possible press item or pre-production use.

Vintage Ms Pac-Man Candy Container Sealed – Amazing the sticker seal is in perfect shape.

Atari Centipede Pin

World of Warcraft Comics Complete Set – 25 comics in all

The last few auctions here are Diddy Kong Racing figures all sealed…

Diddy Kong Racing Figure – Banjo

Diddy Kong Racing Figure – Wiz Pik

Diddy Kong Racing Figure – Diddy Kong

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