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Sonic the Hedgehog “Coming Soon” Store Sign with Neon Light

Hurry fast and hit the buy-it-now button! I forgot to post this yesterday and just saw this in my watch list. Someone is selling a brand new Sonic the Hedgehog Neon Light Sign, you know, the one that shows him holding a board with the words “Coming Soon” on top? Did I mention it’s brand new? The seller actually had two of these auctions running, but someone already bought the other one. Typically when one of these go up, they are being listed at $300+, but with a reasonable $99 buy-it-now any collector can appreciate this Sonic sign in their game room :).

Why didn’t I buy it? Because I live in Canada 🙁 Yeah some sellers hate to ship things up here. I’m pretty sure I could email him for an exception but considering the amount of money I spent on Christmas I’ll let this one pass. But if you happen to have some spare cash this auction is definitely worth it.

Auction Here

You also have another one of these Sonic Neon Light Sign’s here, but it’s not brand new, and Sonic has some wear on him. But the price is right! Check it out.

I also have this Nintendo Sign that was sitting in my watch list for some time now, but no one has bid on it yet! It’s still at $29.95. Is there something that I am missing? I believe this ones official….

Good luck!

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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