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Sonic The Hedgehog Dinner Set, AKALABETH 1980 Apple II and More!

Good morning VGA readers. We’ve got some cool auctions today, two are submitted by readers (thanks Brian for the Sonic one and Feldman for the Akalabeth!). Take a look at the Sonic auction, I love the 90’s items, but when you go to the eBay page, and click the link in the description, you come across Sonic Gear Home Decor website (click here) which is damn cool. Then you have the AKALABETH auction which is being run on an independant bidding site (why not put it on eBay??). Here’s the description:

Role-playing video game, limited release in 1979, published by California Pacific Computer Company for the Apple II in 1980. Richard Garriott designed the game as a hobbyist project, now recognized as one of the earliest known examples of a role-playing video game and predecessor of the Ultima series of games that started it all. — First-person gameplay in dungeons, Requiring food to survive, A top-down overhead world view, Hotkeys used for commands, The use of Elizabethan English — Original 5.1/4″ media diskette runs & Artwork — Currently nowhere to be found online and utterly treasured by the most die-hard collectors. Sometimes called “Ultima 0″; this copy of Akalabeth, is a very important historical piece of software game lore.

Looks really cool in terms of art. The typical 80s computer art where most of the fantasy is left to your imagination… love it. I hope everyone enjoys the auctions and see you tomorow!

Video Game Auctions:

AKALABETH World of Doom 1980

– Mighty No. 9 Pre Kickstarter Shirt, From The PAX 2013 Reveal, For Mega Man Fans

– Minecraft Chest Storage Block CUBE **RARE**

– Extremly Rare Nintendo Super Mario Bros 3 Display Sign

– Legend of Zelda Young Link Klik Pez Dispenser New

– Super Mario Bros. Meet The Koopa Kids 1991

– Super Mario Bros. Sticker Fun Book

– Final Fantasy XI Limited Edition OST original soundtrack

– Sonic the Hedgehog Dinnerware Set 1993 Plate Mug & Bowl RARE Sega Zak Designs

– Sega Saturn Victor Video CD VCD Decoder Card RG-VC1 ! CIB Japan

– The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask Orchestrations New Sealed Rare OoP Soundtrack

– Original 2013 Blizzard Employee Holiday Gift Hearthstone Statue NEW UNOPENED

– Star Ocean The Second Story Original Soundtrack CDs

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