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Sonic the Hedgehog Items

Sonic the Hedgehog….a mascot that made headlines of biblical proportions in the late 80’s early 90’s has been popular with many gamers. There are the few who actually don’t like the Sonic franchise simply because of the game play/style. I didn’t mind the fast pace game play; it was something different which is exactly what gamers want. Today I have a bunch of eBay auctions to show you.

First up is this unique “Sonic the Hedgehog Rapid Ticket Redemption Game”. Never seen this before and it looks pretty ancient. Seller says:

“Sonic the Hedgehog is Sega’s answer to the demand for high powered, fast collection, redemption Sonic’s many features include swift operator adjustments for complete ticket payout control and audit functions. The game is played by inserting a coin which rolls toward a screen. Tickets are awarded depending on where the coin hits, similar in concept to ten-pin bowling.”

Seller lives in Canada which is a good thing for the locals here, but not sure how much it will cost via Freight.

eBay Auction here

Next is this really cool Sonic ‘single quilt cover’ which has a reversible side shows Shadow. At a decent price for .99 GBP I’m sure theres someone out there that would love to snatch this auction. Seller is located in the UK so keep that in mind. You can find these at eBay UK here!

Now I’ve found some unique auctions. First up you have a Sonic the Hedgehog original hand painted CEL which is framed. UK seller only offers local pick-up, so I feel sorry for the Sonic collectors who don’t have the opportunity to own this. Check out this ebay auction here, originally at 229.99 GBP, seller has a sale up that ends in 8 hours for 114.99 GBP. Next auctions are all from ebay seller shockmatrix who is selling promotional Sonic the Hedgehog Game Sega jackets from 1991!! Whooaa… I mean check how the red jacket with Sonic holding a Coca Cola! Hilarious!

For more in depth description check out these eBay auctions; Dark Blue Jacket, Light blue Jacket, Red Jacket.

This is what the seller says:

“This is a promotional item that, as far as I know, was only given out to Sega employees and given away at promotinal contests back in the Genesis days. This was purchased from a former Sega employee several years ago and has been kept stored in a protective bag since then.

Other Sonic Auctions:

Sega Sonic the Hedgehog Vinyl Character Coin Bank – Nice size at 6.5 inches tall!

Sonic the Hedgehog FIGURES Cream SHADOW Amy Rose CHEESE Keychains Mix

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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