Art Everything Factory Sealed Limited Edition Sonic The Hedgehog Statues

Sonic the Hedgehog – Limited Statues and Animation Cels

There are a few really nice statues of Sonic that First 4 Figures has produced. As is often the case with items such as these; there were standard and exclusive versions. The standard models were more basic and were released in quantities of a couple thousand while the exclusive were far more impressive and limited to a few hundred.

Super Sonic Limited Statues

On the left, you see the exclusive 15″ self lighting Super Sonic figure. On the right is the standard version. Clearly they were put together in very different ways. Both are up on eBay right now. The exclusive version was limited to 350 and the standard was limited to 1,500. The cool thing about this particular standard figure is that it’s # 29 of 1,500 and low numbered items in a limited series are always more valuable.

15″ Super Sonic Exclusive Statue

Super Sonic Statue #29/1500

The Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon wasn’t the highest quality show, but hey; it was a video game cartoon! This is why I watched it anyway. Directly from this cartoon to the listings of eBay come a few animation cels complete with the original water color background.

Having the background included with the cel isn’t always the case when you find items like this. The prices are decent and the cels should gain some value over time.

Sonic the Hedgehog Animation Cel with Background 1

Sonic the Hedgehog Animation Cel with Background 2

Sonic the Hedgehog Animation Cel with Background 3

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