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Sonic the Hedgehog MegaDrive Game signed by Yuji Naka & Hirokazu Yasuhara

I have never stumbled on an item quite like this one. Seller jimmieboxer has on auction a Sonic the Hedgehog MegaDrive Game signed by both Yuji Naka & Hirokazu Yasuhara. Now this is what I call an autographed game collectible. It’s rare to find the US version of the original Sonic game signed by the creator, but to find the MegaDrive game is quite special which is the reason the auction has a price tag of $6000. Yuji Naka was the head programmer of the original Sonic the Hedgehog. He was also head of  the “Sonic Team” which was an elite group of programmers & designers. So to get his autograph on the original Japanese release of Sonic the Hedgehog is very special. Likewise, Hirokazu Yasuhara was a game designer who was Yuji’s right wing under the Sonic Team. He designed the gameplay & stages for most of the Sonic games. So you have the best of both worlds in one single auction. The actual game is in incredible shape with no cracks or tears in the plastic which is very common for the Sega boxes. The signatures are on the actual insert; one on the belly of Sonic, the other on the back side of the insert in the top left corner. Despite everything else being mentioned in the auctions description, the seller didn’t add his personal story which would have been a nice touch. But I guess in the end it’s not the story that sells but rather whats up for auction. Still, I’d love to know how he acquired such a gem.

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