Action Figures Arcade Capcom Everything Factory Sealed Limited Edition Mega Man Pacman Press Kit Signed Sonic The Hedgehog Statues Watch

Sonic The Hedgehog Tails Sega Convention 34″ Statue, Namco Tie Pins, Limited Watch

Check out the first auction listed here today. It’s a nearly three foot statue of Tails from the Sonic series which was used at a Sega convention in the early 90’s. Sure, the price is very high but at least the seller is taking offers.

Sonic The Hedgehog Tails Sega Convention 34 Inch Statue

Mega Man 10 Sealed Press Kit – Taking offers too

Xevious Tie Pin

Pac-Man Tie Pin

Galaxian Tie Pin

Dead Space Engineer Class CEC Wristwatch Limited Edition – #298 of 500

Bioshock Infinite Limited Edition Columbia Concept Statue – 1000 were made

Technos Registrar Patent Certificates – Pretty random, I know, but if you’re a fan of Technos games this may interest you.

Gears of War John Dimaggio Signed Marcus Fenix Figure

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