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Sony PSX DESR-7700 Console 250GB

Late 2003, Sony released a heavy duty PS1/PS2 combo console with a 250GB hard drive. This wasn’t only a game console however. The PSX could record audio/video input as a DVR. Not only that, but video files recorded on the PSX could be transferred to your PSP!

PSX DESR-7700 top

PSX DESR-7700 box

Imagine that, you miss a show you wanted to watch, you record it on your PSX and then transfer it to your PSP to watch on the way to work. Well, that’s what Sony had in mind anyway. It didn’t really work out because people already had a PS2 and the price tag on the PSX was crazy. This is something that has happened to many ambitious hardware releases… the price just doesn’t make sense for what people want to get out of the system. Well, now the PSX DESR-7700 is an expensive and rare item in Playstation history. There’s one on eBay right now complete with the original box. The price is actually quite good as well.


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