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Space Ace and Dragon Lair Statues, PAX Seattle Tickets and More!

Good morning VGA readers. A cool line up today. We received auctions from Toni for the Space Ace, Dragon’s Lair, and Sonic Statues, ALL really cool. Anyone who knows gaming knows Space Ace and Dragon’s Lair as classic arcade games that were revolutionary in it’s time. If you’re planning on attending the PAX Seattle event, there’s an auction for a pair of tickets. Hope everyone enjoys the auctions and see you tomorrow!

Video Game Auctions:

– Dota 2 2014 Attendee Pin w/ Unused Code

– Shadow of the Colossus – Wanderer and Agro PVC Figure

– PAX Prime Seattle 2014 (2) sets 4 Day Badges (Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon)

– Magna Carta 2 Xbox 360 Faceplate Rare Promo (NEW, 2009)


 Set of 64 Mario Kart 64 N64 Cards Power Tips & Characters in N64 Album Nintendo

– Adventure Time Enchiridion Case Including Finn’s Sword Stylus

– First 4 Legend of Zelda: Link Goron Tunic 10” Collectible Statue – ORIG. PACK

– Final Fantasy VII 7 Highwind Statue Figure Cold Cast 2004

– Legend Of Zelda Link Figure And Epona OoT

– KIMBERLY Don Bluth Space Ace Animated Ladies Electric Tiki Statue # 5 of 150

– PRINCESS DAPHNE Don Bluth Dragon’s Lair Animated Ladies Electric Tiki Statue 275

– SONIC Hedgehog Classic Retro Sega Collectible Statue First 4 Figures NEW

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  • Anon
    Aug 05, 2014

    The Biohazard 2 auction, while listed as such, is not Bio2, it is actually for Biohazard Revelations that was on the NDS at the time, in 2012.

    Just FYI, I know you post the links as they are listed as, in case anyone comes back to you saying you said it was something it is not.

  • Kenji
    Aug 05, 2014

    Thanks Anon, I do post them as they are listed, and at time do add corrections if need be, but this I didn’t know so thanks for bringing that up!

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