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Space Invaders – Mini Arcade Bank, 30th Anniversary PS2 Sealed Game and Limited Controller

The great arcade classic Space Invaders influenced game designers for decades. It’s deceptively simple looking game play is full of split second reflexes, dead-on aiming, and rhythmic timing. When the 30th anniversary of the game arrived in 1998, Taito released a limited edition of the game for Playstation 2 which included a unique looking controller. The control was in the shape of a mini Space Invaders arcade cocktail table…

Space Invaders 30th Anniversary PS2 Box Set

Space Invaders 30th Anniversary PS2 Controller

The control allows the player to experience the game with a feel similar to the arcade. The joystick can only move left or right and you get one awesome classic arcade style red button lol. The box set shown above is currently available on eBay. The game is sealed and the box itself is in great shape. Please note that this is a Japanese copy of the game.

PS2 Space Invaders 30th Anniversary Box (JP)

There’s another Space Invaders item which looks very similar to the controller above, but is actually a fully functional mini arcade!

Space Invaders Arcade Bank

It’s meant to serve as a piggy bank to store loose coins but, if you insert a coin, a playable game of Space Invaders starts up!

This is a Japanese bank designed to take 100 yen coins. This means the coin slot is too small for quarters, but nickles and dimes will work. The bank currently on eBay is still sealed in it’s original box and it looks great display-wise. You can find the auction though the link below:

Space Invaders Game Coin Bank Sealed

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