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Spider Maze Atari 2600, Tron Legacy Identity Disc, Vice City Mirror

Ebay seller themother-in-law is listing more of his rare Atari 2600 carts as promised!

If you don’t remember from last week, the seller listed an Out of Control cart which sold for a very high price. Now the same seller has up a Spider Maze Atari 2600 K-Tel Cart & Manual.

Spider Maze Atari 2600 Cart and Manual

Although the manual is a little wrinkled, everything is legible. Considering this is the only one on eBay I’m sure Atari collectors won’t complain. However, there is a significant difference when the same is sold complete in box, and sold only with a cart. I’m not sure how much a complete Spider Maze sellers for now, but I do know it reaches past four digits. But I have a feeling this current auction will perform well.

Spider Maze Atari 2600 K-Tel Cart Auction – Thanks **Alan!

Keep an eye out for the next coming weeks. Seller will be listing other Atari 2600 carts such as:
Condor Attack
Q*bert’s Qubes
River Patrol
Swordquest Waterworld
Vulture Attack

Other Video Game Auctions:
Premiere Signed Tron Legacy Identity Disc Movie Poster – I thought this was a pretty neat auction, and although there isn’t a massive following like the original Tron, this is still a cool item to have. I really enjoyed the movie. Signings are of: Garrett Hedlund, Bruce Boxleitner, Olivia Wilde, Michael Sheen and Jeff Bridges.
Halo Reach Comic Con 2010 Limited #d print E3 Rare – Thanks **David!
Castlevania Symphony of The Night Factory Sealed – Sellers brought the price down significantly. I remember the craze to acquire one of these sealed.
Same Seller as above has a Final Fantasy X 10 Blitzball Blitz Ball Japan
Play For Japan: Duke Nukem 3D Signed Brand New – This auction up to raise money for the earthquake and tsunami relief in Japan. Signed by members of Metallic Ink; Allen Blum, George Broussard, Richard “Levelord” Gray, Chuck Jones and Dirk A. Jones.
Super Nintendo SNES X-band xband adapter – Never heard of this. Supposedly the Super Nintendo X-band adapter device has a built in modem, which was designed to hook up to your telephone line to connect to a special Nintendo server, allowing for online gaming using your SNES.
Shenmue Orchestra Version Soundtrack
Sega Racing Jacket – Sonic Hedgehog, Nintendo, Atari
Grand Theft Auto Vice City Mirror Rare Promo – Screw the TIME Magazine Man of the Year mirror. I prefer this 😉

Same Seller:
Atari Jaguar CatBox
Atari Jaguar Black Ice White Noise Rev 23 #18 Signed
Atari Jaguar Tempest 2000 Soundtrack Signed Jeff Minter

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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