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Spiker! Super Pro Volleyball, Boxed River Patrol,Coca Cola Game Gear

There’s a bunch of rarities that just hit eBay over the past couple of days. One of them being Spiker! Super Pro Volleyball Complete.

For some, Spiker! Super Pro Vollyball marks the end of a remarkable run by Intellivision. But to others, the game is seen as an investment. Well, what do you think for a game that sold two months ago for $1,826.00! The game is extremely sought after by hardcore Intellivision collectors, and some of them consider it “the” holy grail for Intellivision, however, that is arguable. The games rare since it was one of the last games for the Intellivision(along with Stadium Mud Buggies) which means they were produced in limited numbers.

The auction is currently at $754 with the reserve not met yet.

Other Video Game Auctions:

Boxed River Patrol – Another one of the rarer auctions today. It’s not sealed, but has the box. Box does have a giant bright orange sticker on it, so I’m not sure how that will factor in when making offers.
Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device Gun Replica Kit – “Up for auction is a DIY kit replicating the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device (aka Portal Gun) from the hit video game Portal. This kit consists of second castings, which are what we call casts with blemishes and slight defects (think of it like a dent & scratch appliance store). Overall, the blemishes are not too terrible and anyone who wants to put in a little extra work to bring them up to par should not have too much trouble.”
Coca Cola Kid Limited Edition Game Gear Set – Even comes with the game! Seller says, “This is the GREAT condition JAPAN SEGA GAME GEAR COCA-COLA KID LIMITED EDITION from Japan.I couldn’t remember when did this limited edition system release…might be around 1994, as the game “Coca-cola Kid” released on that year.”
Four Factory sealed Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
GAMEBOY COLOR Yellow Pokemon New
Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite- Custom Nuke – “Custom Cut xbox 360 Elite. Nuke/ Radiation emblem, custom paint job, custom toggle switches for power and tray. Included are all original cables, original 120GB Hard drive, and custom modded black controller.”

Seller has listed a ton of Donkey Kong Country sweaters and t-shirts all starting at $0.99. Check it out!
Donkey Kong Country Clothing Auctions

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    Aug 02, 2011


  • Riku
    Aug 02, 2011

    Thanks! Changed the description. The pic looked to have plastic on the box.

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