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Spirits Within Aki Ross Print Signed by Ming Na – From Steven Giesler’s Collection

From the Pages of eBay…

Here’s an interesting item up for sale. It’s a Spirits Within Aki Ross Print Signed by Ming-Na. I won’t paraphrase since the auctions description is quite unique and is best told by the seller. ¬†Ericpersson397 says:

Steven Giesler defined his career with the Spirits Within movie. He worked for Square Studios in Los Angeles. A little more than two months ago a storage locker outside the LA area was purchased. Square’s office is located in El Segundo, also in the LA area. It so happens that this storage locker belonged to Steven (Eric) Giesler who is the lead character artist for Final Fantasy the Spirits within. Paperwork and other things inside the locker show that he has since moved to Hawaii. This locker was left behind or in the hands of an assistant who was lax with the bills. What we see here is a gift to him from Ming-Na the voice talent for Aki Ross. This print is HUGE-measured in feet not inches. The width of Aki is almost 4 feet and the height is about 3 feet. This is an EXTREMELY high quality print on matte board. Since it was a gift to Steven there is no COA. However in the pic you can tell that the marker used has stop marks and thin strokes it is signed and is not part of the actual print. We are entertaining serious bidders only and to help with the fact that there is no COA we guarantee that this signature is authentic. In the event that it is not authentic of course a full refund will be dispensed but only in the event that you have a letter from a professional autograph inspector stating that this is not authentic. Again since this is from Steve Giesler’s PERSONAL collection there is little to worry about. We also have in our possession plenty of other rare items that were supposed to be destroyed. Mock ups for trading cards posters that did not go to print unused movie standees etc. Message me if you are interested in anything about this auction. I will of course take any and all questions that you may have.”

Although this isn’t exactly a “video game auction”, it’s still worth the mention, and it isn’t a coincidence that many gamers have this movie in their DVD collection. You rarely get to find auctions that have an interesting story such as this one. Seller was nice enough to take his time and write out everything in the auctions description. Thanks to **Eric for the submission!

Spirits Within autographed Ming Na Steven Giesler's personal collection

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