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Sportstron Coca-Cola TV-Game, Game Cube NR Reader, Punch Out Trophy Display and Gold Cart

I’ve got a couple of cool Punch Out items listed here along with a rare Pong console from Japan. The most expensive item is going for $1000 but it may be worth it to some Nintendo collectors. Keep in mind that contacting the seller for a lower price is always an option even if the “make offer” button isn’t there. 😉

Sportstron Coca-Cola TV-Game – I’ve seen plenty of Pong consoles over the years but this rare Coca-Cola console from Japan is one of the more interesting ones. The Coke bottle cap knobs are a perfect choice. The original box is also included in this auction.

Konami Doko Demo Yoga Towel – Doko Demo Yoga was a Yoga instructional tool on the DS. Anyone into Yoga?… and the DS?….. no? lol

Nintendo Game Cube NR Reader – This set-up is a debug unit for the Game Cube. You don’t often find development hardware as complete as this. Original boxes and manuals are included.

Punch-Out Trophy Display – Here’s a cool display featuring Little Mac vs Great Tiger which is meant to show off your high score. The score sticker hasn’t been used.

Punch-Out Famicom Prize Gold Cart – Another Punch Out item that people often look for. I’ve received a couple of emails in the past from people looking for it so I put it up time to time when it’s available.

Super Mario Puppet Kooler – This drink cooler has a gel inside that, once frozen, can keep a drink cool for a few hours. Original box is included.

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