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Spud’s Adventure Complete, Dark Dloud 2 Sign and More!

eBay seller at-at-olli has up the US version of Spud’s Adventure for the Game Boy. A lot of Game Boy collectors have Spud’s Adventure on their list of most wanted Game Boy games. You might be wondering why. Well, the game has no real compelling story to it, I mean it was released outside of Japan so we know that’s not the reason why this game is rare. The only thing I can see fit is that the game didn’t have an appealing title, and that no one really bought the game. I mean I know people bought it, but only a few numbers. Think about it, if you were a kid and you went to a game store; out of all the titles you saw would you pick a vegetable game? Most likely not. This is why it’s hard to find the game (let alone complete). The title wasn’t popular enough to get high demand. I believe a lot of the video stores rented the game out to their members, and that’s about it. Of course this is all speculation but it’s the most probable since many Game Boy collectors list’s Spud’s Adventure as one of the rarer Game Boy games. NintendoAge gives just the cart alone a 8/10 for rarity so the one up on auction has the cart, box and manual (all in amazing shape). Seller has mentioned to me that loads of people have been offering to buy this game out but he has decided to leave it up on auction (smart move!). Most of the offerings are probably lowballers so  the best option is to leave it as is.

If you are one of the Game Boy collectors I have been talking about and need this title in your collection, Click here for Spud’s Adventure Game Boy Complete! (Thanks **Olli!)


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Good luck!

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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