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SQUARE Millennium Collection by Squaresoft – Take Your Pick!

Seller from Japan has probably the whole SQUARE Millennium Collection up on auction, except they are seperated and put into individual auctions. Nonetheless, each SQUARE Millennium Collection is brand new never opened. There’s Xenogears. Front Mission, Legend of Mana and more. All auctions are listed below. Definitely want to jump on these if you’re missing any as they are hard to come by brand new (and for this cheap!!!).

Video Game Auctions:
Xenogears Millennium Van Houten Ver. PlayStation J
Ehrgeiz Millennium Collection PlayStation JP GAME
Front Mission 3rd Millenium Collection PlayStation
Legend Of Manna Millennium Collection PlayStation
Final Fantasy Tactics Millenium Collection PlayStation
Chrono Cross Millennium Collection PlayStation JP
Brave Fencer Musashiden Millenium Collection PlayStation
Saga Frontier Millennium Collection PlayStation JP

Castlevania Symphony of the Night SOTN NECA Action Figure KONAMI Belmont Alucard
Super Mario Bros. Pinball Machine. Vintage, 1988. Collectors Item
Japan Only Nintendo Wii EPIC MICKEY Mickey Standing Figure Black & WHite Version
Nintendo 64 Pikachu Orange Yellow Japanese Import System N64 Console Boxed
Resident Evil Biohazard R.P.D Police Crime Scene Unit Jacket Japan Capcom RARE
Club NINTENDO Dot MARIO Cushion doll for Platinum Member Japan

Good luck!


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