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Stadium Events, Cheetahmen II, StarFox Competition Cart and More

Good morning VGA readers. Today’s auctions will feature rare games, some actually competing against each other. You’ll also have a few rare Neo Geo titles in the mix. So let’s begin:

The first auction is for the Stadium Events cart which is considered one of the rarest of the NES games. I say one of the rarest because I’m taking into consideration the NWC Gold cart as part of the “library” for this discussion. It’s nuts because the Stadium Events cartridge would sell for over 20k easily. Now there are three up, two which are graded by VGA, the other is complete in excellent condition:

VGA Grade 75 Stadium Events

Second VGA Grade 75 Stadium Events

Stadium Events Complete and Mint

More then a few years ago if you would find the cart with just the manual it would demand an extremely high price. Here we have three titles, the complete one is at $500 with zero bids when it would normally go for over $20k years ago. The other two are sealed with a VGA grade. One poor seller who invested $24k if I remember to buy it and get it grade has been having a hard time selling it ever since. He has a reserve on it while the other seller doesn’t!! It will be interesting to see what these finish for.

Other Video Game Auctions:

Cheetahmen II – Starting bid is considered low for this title. Even though I have no interest in this serious collector’s do and the price range is usually from $600+. Last one sold for $800 I believe. They even go as high as $1400.

Nice NES Lot – The titles stand out the most of the good games are boxed with manuals and inserts.

–  Star Fox: Super Weekend Competition Game – This game will always go over $100. I have seen them sell for $150 but we shall see with time if they drop in price.

Zelda A Link to the Past Sealed – Nice price, although it’s the frnehc version of the NTSC release.

Neo Geo Kabuki Klash – Just an awesome fighting game. Haven’t played it myself but check it out on youtube.

Steel Battalion Controller Blue Button – Just an all around cool unit to have.

SNK Neo Geo AES – Another great Neo Geo Title: Fatal Fury 2

The Ultimate Video Game Collection– This is a really nice collection, great titles, everything is in mint condition. Although the asking price is just crazy. Although if I won the lottery I’d pay it 🙂 

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