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Star Fox Prototype, Insomniac Japan Charity Auctions

There’s a Star Fox PAL Prototype on eBay right now. Yeah I know, it should say Star Wing on the cart, but since it’s a prototype I guess nothings written in stone.

The seller says that on the title screen it says “Star Fox” instead of Star Wing which is interesting note. Not much is said about this cart, and on the down side the seller doesn’t offer any story with it.

Star Fox Prototype PAL Version

I also happened to stumble upon a seller that has listed a lot of factory sealed vintage NES stuff. Seller seanbigblue has a bunch of sealed games, but he does have a brand new Nintendo Entertainment System, the one that comes with the Official Nintendo Players Guide. He has loads of other stuff and the prices are geared towards serious buyers:

Electric Jimmy’s Sealed Nintendo Collection

Other Video Game Auctions:
Silent Hill Pyramidhead Statue Cheap – Yes, a cheap Pyramidhead statue. There is a broken arm which the seller super glued back together(looks very well done) which is why the bids are currently low.
Sega Dreamcast Promo Clock – nice promo clock and quite cheap for the condition it’s in
Microsoft XBOX Promo Mens Sandals Flip-Flops – I’m diggin these flip flops! Summer isn’t too far away!

Insomniac Charity Auctions for Japan
Insomniac has finally entered the eBay scene and have listed limited/one-of-a-kind auctions for Japan’s tsunami & earthquake relief efforts.
Resistance 3 Art signed by Insomniac #1
Ratchet & Clank Art signed by Insomniac
Resistance 3 Art signed by Insomniac #2

CLICK HERE to buy this!


  • Joseph
    Apr 06, 2011

    Wouldn’t want to display that Pyramid head statue around :/ It looks hideous! I mean, the modeling and detail is spot on. But why would I want a crazy demonic statue standing in my room?

  • Riku
    Apr 07, 2011

    I remember I posted a month ago the Manhunt Piggy Statue(giant pig holding a bloody chainsaw). Now that was a disgusting statue! I wouldn’t be able to wake up every morning and see something like that on my shelf haha

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