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Star Fox – Soundtrack, Custom Model, Rare & Sealed Games

Star Fox doesn’t quite stand up against other Nintendo series such as Super Mario and the Legend of Zelda in terms of sales and history, but it has none the less established itself as one of Nintendo’s core series. The series had a rocky start with a big opening hit followed up by a canceled title (Star Fox 2). Fox however made a come-back with blazing quality in Star Fox 64! The games are now split up in sub-series with varied game styles. Fox McCloud has also been featured in every Smash Bros. game to date! But enough history; check out these rare Star Fox items…

Star Fox (SNES) Sealed – The game that started it all! With the revolutionary “FX Chip” included, this game showed the world that SNES was able to produce games in full 3D. This game is factory sealed and in great condition.

Star Fox 64 Original Soundtrack – Perhaps overlooked by many soundtrack collectors, Star Fox 64 has some great epic tracks. I think people may not think of Star Fox music because you are so into the action while playing the game. It’s great stuff and I suggest checking it out.

Star Fox Weekend Competition Cartridge – This is seriously rare. There were only about 2,000 of these ever made. They were set up in stores for people to try for high scores. Prizes could be won based on your score (such as t-shirts, jackets and even a paid vacation). The cart also features a level exclusive to this version! Any serious Nintendo collector would go for this… after all, only 2,000 people in the world will ever have one.
Star Fox 64 Sealed – Once again the release of a Star Fox game showed off new technology. This game was tied in with (and included) the Rumble Pack for the N64! This complete copy is factory sealed.
Arwing Custom Wooden Model – This isn’t an official Nintendo item, but it’s top quality. The wooden model stands at 12″ in length and the paint job is masterful.
Star Fox Assault Sealed – With a change of gameplay style, Star Fox made an appearance on Gamecube with Star Fox Assault. This copy is factory sealed.
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