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Star Tropics 2 Store Display, Lunar Silver Story Null Plush and More!

Good morning VGA readers. Hope your enjoying your Saturday. It’s getting colder here, but I like it, prefer snow then cold rain, but snow will come, and I’ll start up on some of my favorite SNES RPG titles. Have a look at the auctions today, maybe you’ll find something you like:

Video Game Auctions:

Heavenly Sword Prototype mid development art genuine one off rare 2xprints PS3

Super Mario RPG Yoshi Plush – EXTREMELY RARE – Collector Owned – Excellent Cond.

Super Mario bros vintage Jap 1985 Mario and Princess Peach Toadstool figure set

Mega Man 6 Star Tropics 2 Store Display Sign Poster Promo Vintage Nintendo NES

BlizzCon 2015 SERIES 2 GOLD PINS SET COMPLETE (10 pins) + 10 Years Wow Messenger

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl Radioactive Edition (Collector’s Edition) New

Dota 2 The Collector’s Aegis of Champions

Exclusive Early 90’s Nintendo Donkey Kong Wall Display Poster Life Size

Nintendo PowerFest 94 Cyclones Team Jacket NWC World Championship Power Fest

Famitsu Legend of Zelda Original Ocarina Cosplay

Dead Space 2 Plasma Gun Replica Property of Issac Clarke EW-1048 RARE – Rough

Nall Plush Lunar Silver Star Story Complete Working Designs

LOOM (Lucas film Game) – FUJITSU FM TOWNS

Full Set Of Blizzard Series 2 Pins (28 Pins)

Ultra rare Sierra Space Quest jacket patch

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