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StarCraft 2 Pin, Fallout Snow Globe and more

I have some cool auctions that I am still unloading from my watch list. I had to separate them into two different posts because there’s so many, but I picked and choose the ones I thought the VGA readers would find most interesting. So without delay here they are.

First auction is reallycool. It’s an official StarCraft 2 Zerg Pin from a PR event. It comes in a nice decorative box. As well the seller is selling a StarCraft 2 magnet from the same event. They’re pretty cheap given the fact they’re unique. I haven’t seen them before. I also assume there’s a set, one for Terran and one for Protoss. I’d love to have all 3 if that is the case. I’ll start searching.

The next auction is a Fallout “The Strip”¬†Snow Globe from New Vegas. At first I thought it was custom but I am led to believe they were promotional items. I tried doing a search but couldn’t find anything on it. Although from it’s details it doesn’t look custom. If anyone has any info please post in the comment section. Currently there is a bid of $50 on it.

Other auctions:

Madden 96′ : Two things strike me about this auction. First the seller claims it’s rare!! Then the name on the actual cart, “Luster”?? Weird…

Playstation Lightup Sign: Cool piece and it’s cheap!

Gears of War 2 Shirt: Nice looking shirt and it’s official.

Mega Man 10 Poster: Semi Auction, priced pretty high. Should have bought these when they were going for 10 bucks.

Resident Evil 2 Crime Scene Tape: Up for auction again, but way cheaper. Only at $3.25.

Little Big Planet Plush: Super cool little big planet plush.

Donkey Kong Country Returns: WOW!!! Take a look at that landscaping in the background! Nice job who had the contract.

Nintendo Sign: This is just the classic Nintendo Logo, but it’s big. Would love this in my game room.

Final Fantasy 3 Kefka’s Domain Soundtrack

CLICK HERE to buy this!


  • Akira
    Feb 20, 2011

    Being a Poker player and a fan of Bethesda, I had to say that the snow globe is awesome.

  • Joseph
    Feb 20, 2011

    I know!! It’s hard to tell if it’s official or not though. There are several more different ones that got listed after this one. It seems as though they are customs made, but they look almost exact to the ones inside the game!!

  • Jason
    Feb 21, 2011

    All the other ones are the kind of snow globe you get where you just slide in a picture. And the ones with the black light up bases look terrible as well as not being accurate.

  • kenji
    Feb 21, 2011

    I didn’t play New Vegas but I know of them. I don’t know if these are official snow globes as promos for the game, but seeing the others hints me towards unofficial.

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