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Today I will feature a StarCraft 2 Side Show collectible of the Terran race:

“This awesome statue of StarCraft II hero Tychus Findlay is a must for any die-hard fan.
Not only is he sold out, hard to find and limited edition, but there are some folks out there asking CRAZY prices for him.

I’ve kept it safe and unopened since 2007. (It was tough, trust me.) Tychus will sit neatly on your desk, shelf or wherever else you can find to put his massive, no-nonsense frame
(15″ W (381 mm), 18″ H (457.2 mm), 12″ D (304.8 mm). Weight: 17 lbs. (7.71 kg).).

He’ll silently cheer as you smote your enemies and friends alike! Treat yourself and make the best friend you can have down in the trenches. I’ve got a low starting bid and no reserve on this guy, so bid away!”

This auction is no where to being finished and its already hit the 1000 mark with 5 days remaining. Very detailed, impressive statue by Sideshow. I had no idea they were capable of capturing beauty in this form(video game related). StarCraft II 2 Marine Tychus Findlay Statue

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CLICK HERE to buy this!

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