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Starfox & Other Nintendo Plush’s, Super Mario Toy Set and More!

eBay seller blink56 has a bunch of goodies up on eBay that is already gathering interest. There’s a couple of Starfox plush’s, Super Mario and Pac-man plush’s, an awesome vintage Super Mario Kart board game and other rare items. The Fox McCloud plush has already passed the $50 mark; righteously so since it’s a very rare plush.

Also, the extremely rare Super Mario Famicom unpainted figures does not pop up on eBay very often. Seller says, “Extremely rare Super Mario Famicom (Family Computer) unpainted 17 figure set. Nintendo, 1985. Auctioning this on the 25th anniversary of Super Mario Bros.! This set was only released like this or as random promos bought with candy. This version is much more rare..” Buy This Here!

Other Auctions:
Rare Starfox McCloud plush
Rare Starfox Peppy Plush
Super Mario Sunshine Shine Sprite Plush
Super Mario Party Bowser Plush
Super Mario Kart board game JP Import
Mother Earthbound Mr. Saturn Strap
Namco Ms. Pac-Man pillow plush – “Namco Ms. Pac-Man fugly pillow plush. Vintage. That means old. Get it out of my house.” 🙂

Good Luck!

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