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StarFox Weekend Collectible Lot, Bio Miracle, Sega Dreamcast Code Veronica Console

Good morning VGA readers. I happened to find a Bio Miracle cart on eBay. Seller is asking $175 for it. I remember this game because I had a pirated import for the NES when I was much younger. It was in Japanese but it didn’t matter because the game play was not based on text. It was an incredibly fun side scroller. If I remember the translation back then it said “Baby Mario” which is pretty funny. For those who haven’t played this game I suggest you either buy it or download it and play it. Also another auction to take a look at is the StarFox weekend auction with the bomber jacket and a whole ton of other SFW collectibles. The auction is at $1500 currently, it’s not a high price since the items are so rare. You only ever see the jacket or the game. Have yourself a look and comment if you’d like. Let’s go!


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Starfox Weekend Flight Bomber Jacket, Banner, Promo Pin, & Letters from Nintendo


CLICK HERE to buy this!

1 Comment

  • Riku
    May 06, 2012

    How the hell did you find that Baby Mario game?? I forgot all about it!!!!!!!!! I wanted this for a looooong time. But damn, the price is very high :(.

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