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Steel Battalion Cockpit, Gameboy Game Showcase, Pac-Man Trash Can, Vintage Promos

Here’s an update on the recent Halo auctions for Child’s Play Charity… By the auctions closing, they managed to total up to $6203.10!! Not bad at all, right? Congratulations to everyone who donated the items and to those who bid. I’m sure the winners of the items are very pleased.

There’s a nice line up of auctions here but we’re going to open with three submitted by Roland who has submitted auctions here on VGA before.

Steel Battalion Cockpit – This is one impressive piece of gaming control. The TV and stool are included so you really do get what you see.

Xbox Promos – A nice variety of Xbox promos here. These items are normally sold in pairs or on their own on eBay, so it’s nice to see so many in one bundle.

Densha De Go PS1 Controller – Densha De Go is a train simulation series from Japan. This controller gives you optimal control for the game.

Here are some more auctions of a different kind.

Game Boy Game Showcase – Back in the days of the original Gameboy, this display case would be amazing to both carry and show off your game collection. This one is still in it’s original packaging.

Metal Gear Solid 4 Limited Watch – The seller explains that the watch being sold is #131 of 400 even though the pictures show #409 of 500. Is the “400” a typo? I’m not aware of a limited 400 MGS4 watch but maybe Riku can shed more light on the issue. He is the VGA expert when it comes to Metal Gear collectibles…

Konami Gakken Super Cobra – There’s an auction currently on eBay for one of these priced over $1000 (I feel bad for anyone who blindly goes for it). This auction is actually still a little high, but it’s a great item in terms of early Konami games.

Metal Gear Solid 3 Extreme Box – This four disc set also includes a Snake Kubrick figure! It’s an amazing looking case as well.

Pac-Man Trash Can – The price is high, but it’s in great condition. Perfect for any game room.

Donkey Kong & Dig Dug Promo Balloons – The pictures in the auction show the balloons only slightly blown up to show the images printed. The seller explains these were given out at CES in the early 80’s.

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  • Riku
    Dec 22, 2011

    I have to say…. that DK and Dig Dug auction was really a fantastic find! Reaaallly cool!

  • Riku
    Dec 22, 2011

    Oh yeah, the Metal Gear watch is ltd to 500. Seller got it wrong 🙂

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