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Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Chess Set, Vintage Tron Collectibles Lot and Original Movie Standee

If you’re a Street Fighter fan and love quality made collectibles, you’re going to be just as interested as I am in this chess set. Take a look at the pieces… There’s little else that’s needed to be said…

Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Chess Set Pieces

Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Chess Set – Hmmm… $399 to buy off this seller? That might make sense if it was sold out since the set is limited to 5,000 with an original price of $300 BUT it hasn’t sold out yet. In fact, you can get it for around half the original price right now at the Capcom Store. Sweet, I’m getting one.

Vintage Original Tron Standee – It’s very hard to tell from the pictures in the auction since there’s no object of comparison for scale but this standee actually stands over 6 feet tall.

Vintage Tron Collectibles Lot – In this lot you get a full box (36 packs) of trading cards, 2 press photos, a read-along book with record, sealed view master discs, soundtrack cassette, and the paperback novel.

Limited E3 2013 Watchdogs Tin – From E3 this year. Only 500 of these were given out.

Megaman Rockman 25th Anniversary Soundtrack Collection – This limited soundtrack collection comes in a classy E-Tank tin.

Mega Man Bobble Budds Set – These were available at SDCC and are distributed by Bobble Buds who make all kinds of bobble heads.

Biohazard Resident Evil 15th Anniversary Mission Liner Case – The contents of the case are pretty nice but it’s the case itself that caught my interest.

Limited SOTA Blanka Statue – Limited to 500 and this is #321.

Donald Duck in Lucky Dime Caper Limited Big Box – I’ve never seen this before. Inside this huge box you get a t-shirt, music cassette, and the game itself. Weird

Capcom Sealed VMU – Something for the Capcom collectors. Price is unfortunately high.

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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