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Street Fighter II, III, & IV Items

Regular readers of VGA may know that I am a huge fan of the Street Fighter series and fighters in general. I’m constantly looking over the various items that pop up on eBay and it’s going to burn a bottomless hole in my wallet someday lol. Here are some items that have caught my attention.

Custom Vega Mask – This custom made item pops out as being very important when it comes to my first experiences playing Street Fighter II. When you get to play Vega and first see him jumping all over the screen unlike anyone before him, you begin to panic. Then, when you first knock off his mask or his claw comes off, you feel like a god lol.

Street Fighter II Turbo Stationary Kit – You may think that a stationary kit is a strange choice of merchandise for promoting a game… and it is. But, in Japan, items such as this are often made. This along with bookmarks, phone cards, and pencil sets are all items I’ve never understood… and yet, they have a unique appeal.

Street Fighter III Limited Edition PS2 – This semi-rare limited edition of Street Fighter III is in great condition and is complete with every original extra.

Street Fighter IV Press Kit Edition – Wow, check this out. It’s a copy of Street Fighter IV made for press promotion and comes with all kinds of great stuff. Please note that this is PAL format

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