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Street Fighter II Pencil Top Set, Final Fantasy VII Store Display and More!

Good morning VGA readers. Not much to report on extremely rare auctions today, though you do have a bunch of auctions that will get some attention. The Street Fighter pencil toppers or “Gashapon” are cool because it’s a complete set, or at least it seems(check with seller, he says it’s a set of 12, are there more?). The other item is of course the FF VII store display that was used through out North America. I’ve seen these in store when FF VII was released. Other then that enjoy the auctions and see you tomorrow!

Video Game Auctions:

– Halo m45 tactical shotgun replica

Vintage Street Fighter II – pencil topper set of 12 – ken ryu blanka chun li

 SIGNED Mass Effect 2 game case by actors & developers: Meer, Hale, Blum, Sbarg


– Over 50 Greeting Cards Super Mario Brothers Nintiendo Happy Birthday Nintiendo

– Halo 2 calendar NEW sealed RARE collectible

– Nintendo 64 Super Mario Rare 3-D FIGURE MAGNET New Blister Pack N64 Video gamer

– Final Fantasy VII 7 Counter Standee Display Mint – Playstation Promo Promotional

– Deluxe McFarlane Halo Reach Team Objectives Spartan Mark V Figure Set

– Gold Slark Demihero Golden Trove Cask Unused Code Included DOTA 2 TI4

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