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Street Fighter – Limited Sideshow Statues

Something great about fighting games is that the players tend to be more skilled with certain fighters. Once a few wins are locked down with your own custom strategy, a bond is formed between the player and the character. As for myself, my favorite character in style is Akuma, BUT when it comes to winning… Sagat is who I choose. It’s amazing to see players around the world (on XBOX Live for example) playing well with all kinds of different characters. Balancing the characters for this to be possible must be complicated for the designers. Street Fighter in this sense has always been flawlessly balanced (anyone who doesn’t believe this is true may need more practice! lol). So now, here are some very limited Street Fighter statues from Sideshow. Check for your favorite and be one of the few to have one!

Ryu vs. Sagat Diorama Exclusive Sideshow Limited to 125 – This is awesome. For those who don’t know, the huge scar on Sagat’s chest is from Ryu defeating him the first time with a Shoryu-ken! This is Street Fighter history and I very much want this statue.

Sideshow 1/4 Street Fighter Mecha Zangief Statue Limited to 75 – Here is a huge statue of Zangief in the grey alternate colors. Somehow this statue was limited to only 75 worldwide!

Shin Akuma Bust Limited to 175 – “Shin” means “True”, and by “True Akuma” they mean Akuma after having realized his highest state of power. In-game this granted more air fireballs and stunning speed. This bust is amazing for these reasons.

Shin Akuma Statue Limited to 200 – This full body statue of Shin Akuma is #6 in this limited series of 200! Low numbers in a limited release hold a higher value.

Evil Ryu Statue Limited to 175 – Evil Ryu was a kind-of “what if” character introduced in the Street Fighter Alpha series. The idea was how Ryu would fight if he adopted Akuma’s dark and more vicious fighting style (dark Hadou).

Guile Statue Limited to 175 – Guile is the ultimate American fighter and doesn’t mind letting people know (he has a tattoo of the American flag on his shoulder). Players who play well with Guile tend to be my weakness…

Ryu Statue Limited to 500 – This basic statue which resembles the Evil Ryu statue was limited to 500 which makes it the most “common” in today’s list. Still, no character is more recognizable in the Street Fighter series than Ryu.

Ken Statue Limited to 175 – Here’s Ryu’s friend and matched sparring partner; Ken. This pose chosen for the statue is great… It shows Ken in his trademark cocky taunt daring his opponent to fight.

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  • WickedK
    Aug 05, 2010

    I have an Evil Ryu limited 175 Statue.. just waiting for a serious buyer. 🙂 The pictures don’t do it justice.. it’s HUGE, detailed, and has real fabric. VERY NICE..

  • Riku
    Aug 05, 2010

    I can just imagine how beautiful this is in person….

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