Limited Edition Merchandise Nintendo (NES) Promotional Items Signed The Legend Of Zelda

Stupid PS4 Drawing Auction, Insomniac Games Ratchet & Clank Carbonox Maquette Statue Grey

Good afternoon VGa readers. My second post of the day has some cool WoW collectibles and a Ratchet & Clank Statue grey version. I also find the drawing of the Ps4 pretty funny. The guy is obviously picking up on the wii u when it was launched with the controller drawings. Pretty funny though. Anyways enjoy the auctions and have a great weekend!

Video Game Auctions:

– Ps4 Drawing – better! – 2 controllers drawn free

– Nintendo vintage keychain lot Mario Princess Peach Zelda Link Koopa rare set

– AUTOGRAPHED Portal 2 photo Signed By Stephen Merchant

– Pulstar NEO GEO JP GAME.

– Lot of 10 Packs of Starcraft II Wrist Bands Exclusive from Blizzcon 2008 2

– Blizzcon 2013 Exclusive goodie reversible Zergling Baneling Plush

– Year of Luigi Coin 30th Anniversary Official Club Nintendo Coin

– NIntendo Legend of Zelda Majoras Mask PROMO VHS

– Insomniac Games Ratchet & (and) Clank Carbonox Maquette Statue 

– WoW Retired Server Blade – Blizzard Employee Allotment

 Blizzard 20 Year Anniversary Ornament – Employee Only Item

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