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Is there an eBay auction you think VGA should post on the site? What about news or collectibles outside the world of eBay? Use this contact form to submit them all. We will gladly look over your submission, so don't be shy and submit!

You can also use the contact form to submit your own auctions and items. Please make sure to add the URL of the item you are submitting.

*In return, if you are listing your own auction or submitting a friends auction we'd love it if you could add our site in the auctions description saying something like "My auction is featured at!". It can be be in form of a hyperlink (just add within the description) or image link(you can get an image in our "LINK TO US" section). This helps expose our site to other collectors who are looking for rare and interesting video game collectibles on eBay. We've had much support from submitters in the past so we'd love to have that continue! Auctions that have included a "hyperlink" to our site will be given priority listings.

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