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Submitted Auctions by YOU, the Readers!

I thought I would dedicate a post entirely on submitted auctions by you, the readers! Because we had a bunch of them over the few days I figured it would be best to put them all in one post. Check out some of these rare and interesting game auctions below:

Charity Auctions submitted by Mr.America:
Charity Auction: Charles Martinet Autographed Amiibo – Alan of Stuff We All Get in conjunction with Nintendo Life is auctioning off an autographed amiibo by the voice of the Super Mario Bros., Mr. Charles Martinet! 100% of the proceeds will go towards bringing games and happiness to domestic shelters and hospitals. You can learn more about this amazing charity by going to their website: Child’s Play. Mr. Charles Martinet is a veteran actor, known to fans around the world as the voice of Mario, Luigi, Wario, and many other Nintendo favorites. For this one-of-a-kind amiibo, his autograph adorns the bottom of the amiibo base. In addition, Mario’s signature phrase is sketched along its side: “Here we goooooo!”
Charity Auction: Charles Martinet Autographed Amiibo – Same as above but this is the regular Mario with fire ball.

Nintendo 64 Jungle Green Console Bundle – Submitted by Justin (thanks!) – Seller says: “ungle Green Nintendo 64, Donkey Kong Bundle!! Comes complete with jungle green console and controller (plus one additional controller), expansion pack, a/v and power cords, Donkey Kong 64 (complete with official Donkey Kong 64 strategy guide), and three additional games (Doctor Mario with original box and instructions, Mario Tennis with original box and instructions, and The New Tetris. All games play perfectly, as does the console! Boxes are in excellent condition, as is all artwork on the cartridges. Strategy guide in pristine condition! Has been tested and plays perfectly!”

Also, we featured around a week or two ago a seller who had a bunch of prototype auctions on eBay. This time he has a 2nd wave of auctions that are running as we speak. Prototype video game auctions! (thanks Steven!)

Submitted by Sol:
Chrono Cross Orgel Music Box Radical Dreamer with Box
Threads of Fate Music Selection Squaresoft
Submitted by TY:
Heavenly Sword Concept game art from Ninja theory genuine PS3 very rare A2 print
Submitted by Javier (Gracias!):

Thanks for the submissions and good luck!

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