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Suikoden II Playstation Store Display, Chase the Chuckwagon and More!

Good afternoon VGa readers. I have a bunch of Final Fantasy auctions as well as pax merchandise and swag. We also received a submission from Beau with the Chase the Chuckwagon Atari game. We always welcome auctions that are rare and unique, not so much the common sealed game auctions. If you have any comments do post them in the comment section. Enjoy!

Video Game Auctions:

Magical Pop’n Super Famicom – This is an extremely fun sought after super famicom title, although I am surprised at the price.

Super Mario World 2 Yoshis Island – It’s a nice mint copy sealed and it’s met it’s current price at $349.99.

Custom Wireless Chrono Trigger Arcade Stick – This is not official but I thought I’d list it because when you do see a custom Chrono Trigger arcade stick?

Huge Lot of 267 Video Games – This is a giant lot of ps2 games with no sport titles, and it does come with nes games, super nes and xbox games. It’s at $200 with no reserve met.

Super Punch-Out!! – Super Nintendo SNES Sealed – It’s sealed with a few dents in the box but the bids at $149.99.

League of Legends Honor Pins Badges Pax 2013 – Set of 2 honor badges/pins League of Legends plus set of 4 Wildstar/ Carbane buttons pins.

Mega Man 25th Anniversary PIN Pax East 2013New Mega Man 25th Anniversary pin from PAX East 2013.

CHASE THE CHUCK WAGON CHUCKWAGON IN BOX CIB ATARI 2600 – This is a rare Atari title submitted by reader Beau (Thanks!).

Limited HALO 4 Autographed Signature Signed Comic Con – It’s at around the $1000 mark with a best offer.

GIANT POKEMON PIKACHU STATUE STORE DISPLAY Nintendo – “This is your chance to own a rare piece of Pokemon Merchandise. Only 250 were ever made and they were regularly only available to licensed Nintendo World stores or Pokemon Centers and was often displayed in window fronts.

SUIKODEN II Sony PlayStation 1 Rated Teen POSTER – Now this is a pretty rare display, I don’t doubt someone would pay high for this. It very rarely comes up on eBay, I can’t even remember the last time I saw one.

Sega Sonic the Hedgehog Sign Display Lighted Box – Cool Sonic light Display by Sega which would look really cool in any game room.

Sega history collection with original factory display case – “What  you  are  looking  at  is  a  complete  sega  history  collection  with  original  display  case everything  you  see  are   miniature  scale  replicas  of  the  sega  console’s  with  lots  of  detail all  consoles  have  there  original  parts, which  all  can  be  assemble   in  whatever  way  you  want. There  are  6  consoles  with  all  add-ons  from  the  32x  to  the  mega  cd   and  more. There  is  over  30  peaces  of  gaming  history  here  and  all  sits  perfect  in  its   original  display case.“.

Nintendo Gameboy fiber optic Display Sign Shop promo 1990 – This is a cool Nintendo Gameboy display currently going for about $300 US. Seller is in the U.K thought so shipping will be a pain.

Final Fantasy X (10) Yuna Wedding Dress Cold Cast Resin Statue – This is one of the few Yuna wedding statue auctions where everything is intact with no missing piece of hair. Seller does not ship to Canada.

Final Fantasy VII 7 – Complete Gold Phone Card and Dogtag Set – This set is for $1500, when a few years ago it was in the $200 range. I see less and less older FF merchandise but when they do show up they go for a high price.

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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