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Super 3D Noah’s Ark Sealed, Diablo III Book of Cain Signed, Yoshi and Baby Mario Figurine

Today’s first auctions are for two versions of one of the worst first person shooters in the world… and they’re sealed! Seriously though, this game is an odd case of being rare but not really holding the value of other games of equal rarity. Any explanation is a matter of opinion I suppose. It’s still a highly collectible piece of Super Nintendo history though…

Super 3D Noahs Noah’s Ark Sealed (SNES) – You don’t see sealed copies of this game very often. The price is a bit higher than it’s actual value. Not sure how low the seller would go if you message them but it’s worth a try.

Super 3D Noahs Noah’s Ark Sealed (PC) – Not nearly as valuable as the SNES release but this PC copy is sealed as well. Did this version have a big box? I don’t think so…

Diablo III Book of Cain Signed – If you’re like me, you’ve probably already spent more than a few hours playing Diablo III. Well, here’s something for the fans. The Book of Cain signed by the developers at the release event in Irvine CA.

Diablo II Poster – It’s hard to tell by the picture, but this double sided poster seems to be in decent shape. The top left looks like it may have been bent at some point.

Limited Yoshi and Baby Mario Figurine – The seller mentions this was given to a select group of Game Stop managers (less than 100) but I can’t confirm these numbers. The box is included but it’s in pretty rough shape.

Super Mario Bros Print World – “Now you’re printing with POWER!” lol… Perfect for printing out cheesy banners and embarrassing birthday cards! Such fun. 😉

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  • Hospitaliano
    May 21, 2012

    I’m pretty sure the Baby Yoshi seller isn’t the original owner for how wrong some of his facts are. He is right though, they are from Gamestop. They were given to Gamestop employees that answered a survey from Nintendo about Yoshi’s Island Ds in 2006. They wanted to know what we thought about the game etc. Everyone that answered the survey got a statue. In the small district I worked in they shipped 10 alone. So I have to imagine the number is higher than 100. I don’t know that they ever released a press amount though. I would guess more like 500. If he had a complete setup, there would be the box, the statue, a box for the box, and a letter from Nintendo. I wonder what the reserve is on that auction with the box being mangled to death…If it was low enough…I’d love to have a second one!

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