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Super Mario Bros. 3 – Items From Around the World

The video game world was forever changed with the release of Super Mario Bros 3. I’m sure most people can remember the flood of ads and merchandise. The craze wasn’t without reason though… It’s an amazing game! In fact, last night I decided to play it through and relive the classic. It was great fun and it lead me to decide to search the planet for a bunch of items related to this masterpiece…

Set of Famicom Stickers

Nintendo Trading Card #33

Super Mario Bros 3 Complete with Box and Manual (Famicom)

Tokuma Communications Guide Book

Nintendo Power Guide Book

8-Bit Stage Scene Peg Set (Taito)

Game Watch With Original Slide Packaging

Super Mario Bros. 3 Sealed and VGA 80+ (NES)

Box of Valentines (Sealed)

Super Mario Bros 3 Sealed and VGA Rated 85 (Challenge Set Version)

Set of 4 McDonald’s Happy Meal Boxes

Original McDonald’s Happy Meal Display

Super Mario Bros. 3 Complete Cartoon Series (DVD)

Original Soundtrack

Set of Walkie Talkies Complete with Box

Complete Set of McDonald’s Happy Meal Figures (Sealed)

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  • Riku
    Sep 11, 2010

    I’m lovin the walkie talkies!!!!

  • akira
    Sep 12, 2010

    They would also be great to have around in case of a zombie attack. lol

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