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Super Mario Bros and Sonic Pocket Watch Collections, Final Fantasy Vinyls Set, and Other Japan Import Items

I hope you guys have a bit of spare time because there is a lot to check out here. Most of the auctions are for Japan-only releases that will make your jaw drop at the quality. If I lived in Japan I don’t know if I would go broke or run out of space for my collection first. Before we get to that madness however, there are a few auctions that were brought to our attention by some of our readers…

Super Street Fighter II (SNES) Graded 90 – Here’s one from Omar. The auction is taking bids and there is a reserve but rumor has it the reserve isn’t very high.

Video Games Magazine Collection – We have JFN2 to thank for this auction. Very much in my collecting tastes; a set of 15 Video Game Magazine issues from the 80’s including #1.

Romain mentioned two graded PS1 RPGs on auction:

Suikoden II Graded 85+ – A sealed copy of Suikoden II is quite a find on it’s own. Glad to see this one will be preserved.

Final Fantasy VII (Black Label) Graded 80 – This copy of FFVII also has the “masterpiece” misprint.

Now on to the rest of today’s auctions. Like I said above, you’re going to find a lot of nice import items.

Ehrgeiz Vincent VS Vincent Figures – The seller doesn’t know where this figure set came from but I can shed some light on this. It’s an Ehrgeiz set that originally came in a black box. The box is missing here but it’s still a nice display set.

Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Ultimate Box (Unopened)

Final Fantasy Dear Friends Concert Program

Nintendo Bookmarks Set (Sealed) – A set of 10 bookmarks sealed together. The auction has a picture of each bookmark shown but the auction is for a sealed pack.

Silent Hill 2 Bubble Head Nurse Figure

Final Fantasy Vinyls

Final Fantasy Vinyls – I would love to hear how Final Fantasy music sounds on vinyl. This boxed set includes 5 double sided albums and a booklet.

Custom Final Fantasy VII Shin-Ra Leather Wallet – Not official but pretty cool. The seller has others but I picked this one out as my personal favorite.

Metal Gear Rising Limited Watch

Metal Gear Rising Limited Watch – Limited to 1000, each is numbered on the back plate. The watch was released 4 days ago and has since sold out. The auction description doesn’t say what serial number is being sold however.

Super Mario Hatena Block Pocket Watches Complete Set

Super Mario Hatena Block Pocket Watches Complete Set – Every single one of these is a really impressive looking pocket watch. This auction is for the complete set of 8.

Sonic the Hedgehog 20th Anniversary Pocket Watches Complete Set

Sonic the Hedgehog 20th Anniversary Pocket Watches Complete Set – More pocket watches but these are celebrating the 20th anniversary of Sonic. 3 watches in this auction making a complete set.

Metal Gear 25th Anniversary Metal Gear Solid Collection

Biohazard 15th Anniversary Box

Super Mario “?” Block 3DS Game Card Case

Silent Hill 2 Red Pyramid Thing Statue

Silent Hill 2 Red Pyramid Thing Statue – Holy crap this is awesome. Silent Hill 2 is the unbeatable title in the series which has crippled every release since just as Final Fantasy VII has done to the Final Fantasy series.

Dark Souls Design Works Art Book

The last bunch of auctions are for various colored versions of a virtual pet Dragon Quest Slime game:

Dragon Quest Slime Virtual Pet (Blue) Sealed

Dragon Quest Slime Virtual Pet (Orange) Sealed

Dragon Quest Slime Virtual Pet (Clear) Sealed

Dragon Quest Slime Virtual Pet (Green) Sealed

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  • jaycroo
    Feb 25, 2013

    I’m in love! I need that Metal Gear Rising watch but sooo expensive 🙁

  • Akira
    Feb 25, 2013

    True, that’s quite a price tag. The original price from Konami Style was about $400 so you can expect future auctions for these watches to get much crazier. 😉

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