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There are several versions of Super Mario Bros Game & Watch and each of them very valuable. Owning all three versions would be quite a big deal! Think of the history of Nindendo, the popularity of the Mario series and the success of Nindendo’s handheld systems. Wow, these are really something… Read below of info about each version:

Super Mario Bros Crystal Screen – This is the first and original version of the game. There are a few that are complete with the original box on eBay right now, but the one I’m featuring is the only one with the box in nice condition!
Super Mario Bros Wide Screen – This version was released a year or so later and has a much cleaner looking display. Once again, this is complete with the original box and looks to be in great condition. Note for the knowing collector: this box has no bar code on the back… this means it’s the first release of this version of the game. Even though you can’t see the back of the box in the picture below (the auction contains pictures of every angle), you can tell by the left side which shows the year as “1988”. The second release does not have any year printed. The second release also has a bar code placed in the lower right side of the box.  You can find the second release as well here on eBay!
Super Mario Bros Special F1 Race Edition – There is quite a story behind this version. I wont go into detail here because I’ve told the whole story some time ago. To see the original post which explains the entire history of this version, click here! This auction contains everything sent to the F1 contender and is still in it’s original plastic. If the price is too high, there’s another auction which has the game and the plastic box but nothing else. You can find that auction here on eBay. This game was never sold in stores and there are only 10,000 or so in the world.
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