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Super Mario Bros Game & Watch, Limited Halo 4 Water Bottle, Nintendo Pong Console

Contest prizes are often great collectibles demanding high prices since they were never available for sale. The difficulty of the contest, the popularity of the game/company it’s associated with, and the number of prizes that exist all play into how much people are willing to pay to get their hands on one. But what about what the prize actually is?

Halo 4 Limited Prize Bottle – Only 125 lucky winners of the Microsoft Expert Zone Sweepstakes got one of these ultra limited… water bottles. Really? Who’s idea was it to make a bottle the prize? Well, it’s strange but it was also very limited. All paperwork detailing the contest and prize are included in the auction.

Super Mario Bros Game and Watch – Now here’s a prize to bid high on. Known to many as the holy grail of Game & Watch collecting…

Vintage Pac-Man Stickers – A nice set of stickers for the vintage merch collectors.

Famimama May 1989 VHS – This VHS features a spotlight viewing of Mother for the NES (“Earthbound Zero”). It’s a nice look back at the start of the Mother series.

Mother 2 Shipping Box – It’s an empty box! Ya, but it also has fantastic Mother 2 printing on it. If only it was full and sealed. (aww)

Vigil Games Drink Cozy – Simple little functional promo item for Vigil Games.

Club Nintendo Wii Super Famicom Classic Controller – I’m sure we’ve featured this on VGA a couple times before. It’s brilliant… even the box is Super Famicom stylized.

Super Smash Bros Johnny Lightning Car – Of all possible merchandising for Super Smash Bros, a toy car would never come to mind for me.

Mini Pac-Man Arcade Candy Dispenser – Nice looking mini arcade cabinet candy dispenser. Looks like the paint is a bit chipped in a couple of spots. The seller mentions it’s still sealed but it doesn’t look like it. (?)

World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria Standee and Box Display – Both the full sized standee and over-sized box display are included in the auction.

Nintendo Color TV-Game 6 – Here’s an early step into gaming from Nintendo back in 1977! Box is included as well as the inserts.

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