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Super Mario Bros Movie Goomba Bust, Club Nintendo Items, Import Toys and Figures

Most of today’s auctions are for Japan released toys and figures along with some great stuff from Club Nintendo. You might be surprised by some of the prices you’ll find as well (meaning cheaper than expected ;)). Before we get to those auctions however, first take a look at this piece from an embarrassing time in Nintendo history…

Super Mario Bros Movie Goomba Bust – One of the strangest choices made in making the Super Mario Bros movie (a long list) is the Goombas being giant people with small heads. Well here’s a resin cast prop of a Goomba’s head 1:1 scale. The auction is actually for an unpainted bust rather than the one pictured.

Nintendo Music Collection Summer Special SD Card and Panasonic D-Snap SD Card Player – This was a limited Club Nintendo prize given out to random members. There were other prizes available in this give away but this one was given to only 1000 winners.

Boo Sensor Light – Complete with the original box. The seller had 3 of them but 2 have since sold.

Club Nintendo Platinum Playing Cards – This is a fairly sad 2012 Club Nintendo item considering what Platinum members have got their hands on in the past and in other countries.

Shenmue Figure – Lei Shenhua – Not too sure how uncommon this figure is but the price doesn’t seem terrible.

Mario Golf Famicom Figure – A couple days left on this auction and no reserve! Looks like there’s some sun damage on the box though.

Gold Famicom Punch Out Cart – Another gold Punch Out cart taking bids. Miss out on the last dozen times we listed this? lol… well, here’s your chance.

Nintendo Famicom Disk System Cushion – A cushion in the shape of an oversized Famicom disk drive. Two available from this seller.

Famicom Microphone Controller – This Famicom shaped microphone comes with the box and is selling for a few dollars.

Set of 4 Pokemon Trainer’s Kits – Here’s a set of 4 Pokemon toys for less than $10! Looks like the seller has 2 sets for sale.

Pokemon Togepi Wind Figure – A boxed figure from Japan. It’s one of those pull back and move I think.

Set of 8 New Super Mario Bros Gashapon Water Games – This auction is for the complete set of 8 water games.

Devil May Cry Series 1 Marrionette Figure – 4 of these selling for $5 each.

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