Award Capcom Comic Book Merchandise Signed Super Nintendo (SNES) XBOX 360

Super Mario Bros Nintendo Oscar Award Statue, Dead Space Shirt and More!

Good evening VGA readers. Todays post will feature a few submissions by our readers. Pretty cool submissions as these are auctions I’ve missed. The Super Mario Bros Nintendo Oscar Award is a little pricey but for the die hard Mario fan there is no question you need to get this. As for the other submissions, they were SNES pins. One of Starwing a.k.a Starfox and the other Super Punch Out. Pretty cool stuff so let’s dive right to it:

Video Game Auctions:

Super Mario bros Nintendo Oscar award statue – Submitted by Nightram of (Thanks man!). This is a Super Mario Oscar Award for Nintendo given to employees or contest winners. These are very rare and not many exist. It is in good condition with not much wear on it at all. It isn’t rusty either its bright and shiny. It is one of the best Nintendo collectibles to get your hands on. Don’t miss your chance to grab this.

Dead Space shirt SIGNED by development teamIn this auction you are bidding on a Dead Space shirt that is signed by the development team. It is size M. I got this during the Play for Japan eBay auctions. But because of financial needs I am being forced to get rid of some possessions.

Plasma Sword PROMO Letter Opener from CAPCOM – Typical promo item given out by Capcom.

Metal Gear Solid 4 Limited Edition Guide – Signed by Kojima, unopened.

Dead Space Promotional shirt XL RARE– Up for auction is a dead space promo shirt. I believe the only way this was available was by purchasing the limited edition dead space backpack.

SIGNED BY DEVELOPMENT TEAM RARE Assassin’s Creed 2 – Signed by the Development team over at Ubisoft.

SIGNED by development team Assassins Creed Comic book – Same as above.

SIGNED BY DEVELOPMENT TEAM RARE Assassin’s Creed Platinum Hits – Same as above.

Nintendo Super Punch Out Pin Pins Snes – Submitted by Sammy. Both pins are promotional items. Really nice to see SNES promo stuff. I always enjoy seeing these.

Nintendo Super Starwing Pin Starfox – Same as above.

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