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Super Mario Burger King Contest Golden Toy Prize, SMW Drummer Plush

It’s all about Mario today.

I thought I would do an almost complete search of some of the Super Mario items that are currently on eBay. Some are rare, while others are semi-rare. Nonetheless these items are not common with the exception of the soundtrack, and I think any one of these items are bid/buy worthy.

Super Mario Burger King Contest Golden Toy PrizeThe one item that caught my eye is the Super Mario Burger King Contest Golden Toy Prize. The toy was from contest at Burger King called, “The Search for the Golden Toy Sweepstakes”. This is a really cool collectors item just because the chance of acquiring it is based on sheer luck. When you purchased a kids meal at the time of the Mario toys release at Burger King, you’d get a random toy from the series in your  kids bag. However, if you found a golden toy in the kids meal, you would win a Game Boy Advance.  Just think about how many people shot out their golden prize, or have it somewhere around the house broken. I can image that not many of these golden toys are around. The seller also included documentation of the contest from a website to show it’s authenticity, but of course if you were into collecting the Mario toys from Burger King you are familiar with this golden toy. The auction also has other goodies.

In my opinion, due to the rarity of this item I think the buy-it-now is very decent.

Super Mario Burger King Golden Toy Auction

Other Super Mario Auctions:
Super Mario World Electronic Plush Drummer – No box but in excellent condition. I have no idea how much these normally fetch on YJA.
Super Mario Vintage Sleeping Bag MINT! – Remember a couple of days ago I showed a beat up, over priced Mario sleeping bag? Well this auctions only $25 and the colors are vibrant on the sleeping bag!
Super Mario Bros Wilton Cake Pan – $29 so far…
Super Mario Bros Nintendo 1989 Ice Capades Pennant Flag – anyone go to this when they were younger?
1992 Super Mario Bros. Board Game – Excellent condition and cheap
Super Mario Bros. Movie Walkie Talkies
Super Mario History Soundtrack
Vintage 1989 Super Mario Bros Applause Pvc Set with Box
Mario Electronic Water Game
Super Mario Galaxy 9″ Flying Figure – blue suit version

Good luck!

CLICK HERE to buy this!


  • David
    Apr 02, 2011

    HAHAHA! I have that Mario cake pan! Maybe I should sell mine too! 🙂

  • kenji
    Apr 02, 2011

    You need to bake us a cake first 😉

    That sleeping bag is so bad ass.

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