Limited Edition Merchandise Nintendo (NES) Promotional Items

Super Mario Clip bag, Resident Evil Outbreak Japanese Poster and More!

Good afternoon VGA readers. I did a quick search for cool auctions ending soon so you have a chance of snagging something up. Enjoy the weekend!

Video Game Auctions:

 Nintendo Greatest Finishes of All Time – Nintendo Power exclusive VHS

Vintage 1994 Nintendo Mani Super Mario Kart Toad Keychain

– 1988 Vintage Nintendo Super Mario Bros. 8 Oz Lunch Thermos Aladdin Brand


– Metal Gear Solid MGS Sticker set for the Old big Playstation

 Resident Evil Biohazard Outbreak promo Japanese Poster

– Resident evil Biohazard 10th Anniversary Stamp Collection

– Xenogears Creid Yasunori Mitsuda Digicube Edition

– Black Nelsonic Nintendo Legend Of ZELDA Game Watch Old Store stock Unused

– MIB NRFB Unused Mario 3 Nelsonic Nintendo Game Watch W/battery

 Very rare Gran Turismo 6 Press Kit – Limited to 2600 – Mint

– Super Mario – Official Nintendo clip bag

– Super Mario – 5 x Party Blowouts

– Grandia 3 compass carbiner clip, rare promo item, with box

 Final Fantasy VII (7) – Cait Sith iron-on transfer – FF7

– Call of Duty Ghosts Spectrum Camo Xbox 360 or Xbox One Patch

– Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) Collector’s Edition Security Deposit Bag & Key

– Blizzcon World of Warcraft WoW Wind Rider Cub Plush NEW Unscratched pet code

 Blizzard Blizzcon 2008 Starcraft 2 Zerg Creep Sealed

– Space Channel 5 part 2 Ulala Clock

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