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Super Mario Fiberglass Statue and Game Player’s Video Tape

Just saw this pop up in my saved searches. It’s a Super Mario Fiberglass Statue! Now it’s not official, however, the seller says “this is a fiberglass statue pulled from the mold used to make the figure originally commissioned by The World Famous Hollywood Wax Museum, but which is now on display in the Hollywood Guinness Museum.  It is the only other one ever made, and the molds have since been destroyed.  It is truly a collectors item.  It is app. 4 ft. tall and weighs about 30 lbs.  The pedestal is not included in the sale.”.

Even though it’s unofficial, the statue doesn’t look too bad(I’ve seen worse), and it’s only at $100. The downfall to this auction is that the seller only does local-pickup. So if you live near Quartz Hill, you shouldn’t pass this piece up. Also make sure to ask the seller if he could sell the pedestal, or tell you where to get one.

Super Mario Statue Auction Here

There’s also a neat vintage auction for brand new Nintendo VHS tapes! Remember seeing these in the video store?? I rented a couple of them and use to think how god-like the guys showing the tricks were! I thought they were super cool haha.You have Game Player Tapes and more!

Included in this lot is:

  • Lot of Nintendo / NES VHS.
  • Wonderful collection of new and used.
  • The Game Player’s (Vol 1) 1 – 4 are brand new/sealed.
  • The How To Score More Points On Nintendo Games is sealed, but it looks to be resealed.
  • The Secret Video Game is used.
  • Have not seen these on Ebay for years; a true collector’s item.

If you’re thinking about getting this as a gift for someone(no seriously someone out there might), you probably won’t get this in time unless you change the shipping method to priority or something like that. I think this is a neat lot and worth checking out. Thanks **Nintendo Fan!

Nintendo Game Player Tapes and More

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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