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Super Mario Kart Plush Toys, Left 4 Dead 2 Bat, Donkey Kong Arcade and More!

Today will be a quick post but there’s some goodies including an original set of Super Mario Kart Plush toys. If you want to check out a neat little video on these plushes, click here! The plushes are explained by Nightram to the fullest so you’ll enjoy it.

Video Game Auctions:

Super Mario Kart Plush doll 9pcs Takara Prize Japan
Donkey Kong Arcade
DIABLO 3 III Sculptured Metal Bookmark
Expensive Left 4 Dead Baseball Bat with original box
Metal Gear Solid 2 Video Game Standee Store Display
BUBBLE BOBBLE – Coffee Mug – Bub Bob – Rainbow Islands Custom Made
Sega Game Gear Sonic Sports System Bundle Pack
Max Payne 3 Special Limited Edition Collectible Statue

Good luck!

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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